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[revolution state: viridian resonance]

Viridian Resonance

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[4.12.11] red dwarf 02 RD002
[revolution state: viridian resonance]

1CD digipak / 42 unit boxset [rd002.5]

01 rooms of my past [04:49:49]
02 killed for your convenience [05:00:20]
03 dissonance [04:23:58]
04 the individual [04:29:59]
05 viridian [04:31:11]
06 yggdrassil [03:36:24]
07 the manufactured idol [04:47:72]
08 no kami [04:22:67]
09 glow [02:44:73]
10 the departed [05:56:08]
11 scars [fresh cuts] [04:01:65]
12 where am i [03:30:67]
13 bit lip [03:32:24]

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For the past five years, RevState has been writing, singing, producing, engineering, painting, dreaming, and tweaking all those knobs in Red Dwarf Studio, with a plan to complete a brand new 13 track LP. Finally, Viridian Resonance is here: analogue laden electronoize that steps across the barriers of genre and sound, bringing you to a place where advanced technology, vintage musical equipment, and the philosophies of the now disbanded Viridian Design Movement will be used to help save this ebbing azure star we call the earth, and provide one hell of a soundtrack to accomplish it to.

[revolution state: omed]


[3.29.11] red dwarf 03 RD003
[revolution state: omed]

1 cassette tape limited to 100

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People asked, and we listened. Revotion state has been around since the end of 2000, and we did not release anything until 2005. Now a collection of the best tracks from 2001-2011 including an Amassador 21 remix, and our cover of Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.) originally by Skinny Puppy. Strictly limited to 100 cassette tapes.

[revolution state vs. noizekatt: self titled]

rsnk mksmall

click here to download the DIGITAL BOOKLET [pdf]

[07.15.05] red dwarf studio_RD001
[revolution state vs. noizekatt: self titled]

1CD_ 2xEP initial project releases

revolution state ep
01 uncompromised hate [2:16]
02 deny [4:37]
03 profit produced pain [3:52]
04 my other heartbeat [4:28]
05 revolution of hate [5:09]
noizekatt ep
06 k@t [2:54]
07 minus hope [5:12]
08 eco terror [5:10]
09 left hand [4:07]
10 heavy industries, inc [5:53]

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Revolution State vs. Noizekatt is the debut CD for both projects. It is a full length CD which contains five tracks by Revolution State, and five tracks by Noizekatt, which gives the listener an opportunity to hear the best of both projects on one CD. The first five tracks of the CD feature the intelligent electro-industrial of Revolution State, which pair a full and textural sonic landscape and complex custom made rhythms with the emotional and politically aggressive vocal of Ben P., and the sweet robotic voice of Bonnie P. The last five tracks of the CD feature Noizekatt's combined distorted rhythmic assault and minimal analog electronics with Bonnie P.'s endearing avant-garde growl.


gothic light

DE_TOT_COR - Gothic Light

The Battle [Revolution State remix] [BUY MP3 on Bandcamp]

black light

Necrotek - Blacklight Magick

Blacklight Magick [Revolution State's Medical Magick rmx]


DEAD TURNS ALIVE - maelstrom

love is lost [revolution state remix]

waste cd

WASTE - A Silent Mantra Of Rage

marked for extinction [can't stop mix by revolution state]

dead heart ep

DE_TOT_COR - dead heart ep

i loveyou - [revolution state remix]


NECROTEK - menschfeind

wish you dead [noizekatt remix]

remix riot


decapitation of the nation [revolution state remix]


VELVET ACID CHRIST - wound single

wound [legacy of the revolution mix]

ghost regen [fractured coils version]

demon breeder

NEIKKA RPM - rise of the thirteenth serpent

demon breeder [revolution state remix]

bunker tracks 2

endziet bunkertracks vol: 2 [o.o.p.]

DENY [track available on revolution state vs. noizekatt]


extreme women in the dark future

SCARS Noizek@t version [download for free here]

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